FOKI is a volunteer-driven festival. Although none of the acts receive performance fees, we do provide flights, accommodation and transport for all main acts and as many of the other performers as possible. Some slots are kept open at the festival for acts that are prepared to pay their own way to the festival, and for these we also organise accommodation and transport.


Sponsorship packages are currently being developed, but if you would like to make a proposal for your sponsorship then we would be pleased to discuss with you.


Exhibitor space is provided in covered areas for free. Larger stands that will conduct commercial activities will be asked for a contribution.


Individuals and especially associations/groups that would like to run an activity at the festival that adds to the overall festival experience for patrons are very welcome.


Like to build, paint, dig, direct, dismantle, welcome, guide, drive, sell, or just stand around with a lovely big grin on your dial? We need volunteers for all of this: before, during and after the festival.